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My name is Paul Durrant and I am the Course Manager here at Seckford Golf Club. I have worked at SCG for 26 years. 21 of those years as Course Manager!! I care passionately about SGC and strive to create an ever-improving course that is well presented and a pleasure to play.

My greenkeeping team comprises of 2 long serving greenkeepers, Alan Crowder, who is my deputy (18 years) and Adam Kelly (16 years). We have a new recruit, Andrew Reeve, who is settling in well and enjoying his time with us. Our combined length of service of 60+ years offers a dedicated, experienced and efficient greenkeeping team who care passionately about the work they do and the course they produce.

We strive to deliver a course that is the best it can be consistently for 365 days of the year which offers a challenge to all golfers. We are particularly proud of the quality and trueness of the greens that we produce.


With a drier winter to date we have made the most of conditions with plenty of aeration concentrating on Greens, tees and surrounds. Pencil tines have been used on the greens with little disturbance to the playing surface.

As many of you will have already seen our winter works schedule is underway with the clearing of the scrub and raising tree crowns on the left-hand side of the 12th. This is to improve playability and visibility as well as improving the aesthetics of the area. We have coppiced two Hazels to improve visibility on the 13th as a third of the green was hidden from view and have cleared the ditch of scrub as well.

We have cleared the OOB line on the 15th by the green and raised the tree crowns so that an OOB ball can be easier determined. We have also thinned some of the trees by the green to improve air flow around the green. Air flow is vital around the course to help combat turf diseases.

Over the coming weeks we will continue to tidy tree and scrub areas, in particular the left of the 6th, 9th and 14th.

Hollow Coring in April will become a one day only ‘Course maintenance day’ when the course will be closed for play all day! The aim will be to hollow tine, verti-drain and top dress the greens in that one day. We will be inviting members to help the greenkeepers clear the cores, litter pick and generally help tidy the course. All volunteers will be given lunch and afterwards a thank you drink. Your help will make a huge difference.

We will be using smaller 10mm hollow tines this spring and with the operations being carried out later at the end of April this year recovery should be swift.

Our soil test results on the greens have indicated that following the very dry summer, combined with a lot of golf, we have issues developing on the greens with compaction and an associated condition called anaerobic soil (lack of oxygen). This will impact on the greens ability to absorb nutrients and water and will have to be remedied. To thrive and play well the greens need the same as us. Water, food and air and if any of these are not readily available, we will have greens that play very poorly.

To remedy this, we will need to increase removal of thatch with scarification and increase aeration. The good news is that we will be using small pencil tines that will be barely noticed and scarification actually firms the playing surface and increases trueness and speed.


Winter is a time to rest your lawn. Contrary to some franchise lawn care companies advice, now is not the time to scarify your lawn. This is an aggressive treatment that your grass will not appreciate while it is not growing.

You can spike any wet and compacted areas with a garden fork and clear any leaf debris as fallen leaves will trap moisture and encourage diseases. Other than that, enjoy looking at it from the warmth of your home. Spring is fast approaching when there will be plenty to do!!

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