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It’s been several months since my last report and I would like to apologise but also outline the reason why.

The last 8 months have been an extremely busy time for the club in every department. I have been implementing many changes to the club and its fabric in an effort to drive us to a secure future. This does not come without its issues and also having to make unpopular decisions!

I think it’s easiest to start with the implementation of the new Memorandums and Arts. Bob Higham found that we were not compliant and also flagged up that we had only one voting member at that point. This issue needed addressing immediately and Bob has done a fantastic job (as always) in putting this together for us. This created a knock-on effect of compliance that we also needed to address. They are now in the process of being completed, in particular, your members voting rights.

The board and I have been accused recently of not keeping the members informed of what’s going on within the club and that the format and reporting for the AGM were not fully compliant. I and the board fully understand what needs to be done now and I will ensure that next year we will fully comply with the company law. The Board is also in the process of finding an independent minute taker who can not only take the minutes in the correct procedure and format but that will also allow us to post consistently on all media which will obviously include our new website.

The playing committee has also had a review of how it is structured and this also is in the process of being restructured in accordance with the M’s and A’s. It was discovered last year that we were holding on account an unprecedented amount of cash within the separate members' account, which could have put us in breach of company law. This account has now been transferred to the club’s company account so once again we are now compliant.

Our course has also had to go through an update of yardage and tee usage. We have taken the opportunity to have our tees made gender-free and also review and amend our stroke index This has, of course, meant that we have had to have our tee legends changed. But, with the impending world handicap system coming in 2020 we may need to alter everything again so in this instance we are leaving them as they are without the indexes on them.

Over the past 2 years the most positive news is we have increased turnover by over £100,000 which means we are on our way to a more sustainable future. This of course, however, brings other issues which include increased footfall, course tee time utilisation, opening hours, course maintenance, increased bookwork, membership levels, maintenance, Health & safety and staffing levels.

As well as introducing a new website we have also been working hard on investing in other aspects of the club. We have had to have a new fat trap installed, all the doors and the shell of the conservatory have either been replaced or repaired to comply with our Lease requirements. The changing rooms refurbishment has been an ongoing saga but we are now close to seeing this concluded. We have invested in the new Portakabin to allow the finance team some space and more importantly security and safety of data. The new Data protection protocols have all been observed and actioned.

I have spent a considerable amount of time on the Food and Beverage side of the business. As I am sure you are aware we are very limited with space and our chefs work in a very confined space in sometimes extreme heat, along with this, old and decrepit equipment. We have just taken delivery of a new Rational Combi Oven, Convection hob, and oven, 2 x Microwave ovens, deep fat fryer, extraction and input fans, shelving, 2 x upright freezers, selection of utensils and pots and pans. Our team will now be fully instructed in the use of the complex Combi oven and when this is completed we will look to launch our new menus. We have written new menus for all events and in due course, these will be published on the website in its revamp. We have a new partnership agreement with Paddy & Scott’s Coffee company and we are looking to launch a few new additions to our range. Also, on the agenda is a new wine list, we hope to launch this alongside the new food menu’s. It is vital that we do not do this until we are ready! As well as the kitchen refurb we are also looking to refurbish the bar and clubhouse with new fittings and furniture and a complete repaint. This, of course, cannot all be done in one go and we are trying to put our wish list in order of importance so that we can both do this and keep to our strict budget.

Over the last few weeks there has been much discussion over multi tee start points and in particular, the Seniors starting from the 16th tee culminating in the board deciding to stop the use of the 16th tee as a starting point. This issue has now been rectified and the Seniors matches will have 3 times allocated starting from the 11th

It is great to see the course looking so well, it’s been a strange year weather wise and it’s a testament to the greenkeeping team for keeping it in such great condition.

Finally, membership remains very buoyant and we are continuing with our waiting list for new members so we can monitor and manage areas where we are at capacity. We review our position on a monthly basis and we allow people on the list to join when a place becomes available. Priority is always given to members introductions but in all cases, they must go through the vetting process.

Enjoy your Golf

Tony P

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